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Week Four Reflection October 13, 2014

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Although I do realize each team member has their strengths, as the runt in the pack, it is doubtful that anything I have to contribute has much impact on the learning of others in this course. We all have our strengths, as does every student, gaming is not one of mine! I so appreciate the caring and commitment of the #edgamify GiverCraft team because no matter how bad my attitude is, folks have been very supportive and encouraging!   The team has a wealth of talent to offer the project and to those willing to learn.

This week’s brain expansion spanned from the simple to the complex.  Using a list posting format is a method to be tried. Also am gathering other posting format tips for temporal titling so we all know what is what and how to better reference my resources.  Lots of authentic assessment methods were mentioned which would evidence learning.  As educators, the best evidence that learning has occurred may be observable, but is not necessarily measureable. A team member said it quite plainly: learning has occurred when students can connect what they’re learning to everyday life or to other subjects.

On a personal note, having a science teacher son-in-law, am looking forward to sharing the idea of using MCedu to teach about cell biology.

Finally, want to re-post a comment made by me on a classmates blog, warned him it was going to happen!

I read a blogpost about Minecraft in Sweden too.  It had a wonderful graphic I wanted to use, but it was all in Swedish and was a .jpeg file so not able to translate the text. L

So much mental floss in your blog this week, I am going to include every inch of it in my reflection:

*Education is meant to be revolutionary, not evolutionary

*Gamification is being undersold as engagement

*Take as much time as you need to complete the task and move to the next level.   If you can’t do it the first time, try again, get better and master.

*We have an opportunity to make education function more like a game, not a game function more like education. Better than those who try to treat education as a business!

*Complexity without purpose will not be effective.  But if done well complexity will foster increased thinking and cognition.

*Mastery is the stars, growth is the moon

These are the questions spawned from reading your post:

How does the philosophy of education should function more like a game compare to the philosophy of education should function like a business?  Is this a fair comparison?

Is gamification crafting systemic change in education? How about gamification plus MOOCs, are they the catalyst needed for systemic change in education?

It is late, and my brain is about flossed out, so these questions could probably have been framed much more coherently.  Thanks for the thoughts.



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