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Handy shaking: a just in time agreement with much needed talent and resources November 13, 2014

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Again, the target was missed, geez.  As mentioned in an email to the leader of this cohort about the slide presentation, “I am stewing over every little word, thought, and deed.  It is more stressful making a slide show which represents the whole team’s ideas and goals than making one from just my perspective!”  Ensuring accurate content is of concern.  A couple sentences may be inaccurate.  (The title as “Minister of Misinformation” is available if anyone would like to arm-wrestle for it).  That said, the information, which has evolved out of the presentation hijacked from Thomas, is useful somehow.  Maybe for a future project, maybe to post on the website, who knows?

Lee and I created two very different agendas for the handshake meeting!  Lee’s HANDSHAKE AGENDA, needs to be on the website (it is in the teacher’s givercraftgroup docs).  Monday’s recording of the Webex meeting was viewed and then attended Tuesday’s meeting, both which went well.  Tallying up attendance, there were 18 on Monday and 8 on Tuesday, for 26 participants in the two meetings.  Most of the givercraft team members attended at least one session.  It would be helpful if the links from the Webex recordings were posted on the website in case others want to take time to view the sessions.

As an offshoot of sifting through the blogs, emails, and google docs, two other documents evolved.  On Tuesday, it became apparent the docs were not shared in google groups.  By now, they should be in there somewhere.  Due to the miraculous surprise from the family, hopes were thwarted of publishing the information in advance.  Here are the details:

  • FAQ’s page – not for handshake meeting, but it may be useful to teachers. I feel the FAQ page should be on website. TEAM please add to this as needed!
  • PRE-HANDSHAKE MEETING CHECKLIST – corrections, suggestions? I feel this should be on web page and in teacher’s givercraftgroup docs even now.

Besides participating in chats, tweets, and contributing to the Givercraft Memories spreadsheet, I have committed to going over to Brita’s class to help the students get their Givercraft bearings On Friday, Nov. 14.  Pray for them! In addition, the literature review is now on the front burner.

Handy shaking: a just in time agreement with much needed talent and resources.  Handy shaking is this week’s good news for the project:  a statistician has joined us and a server has been dedicated to Givercraft by Collin Clifton of Allgamer.  The “to do list” now consists of working on the literature review, assisting team and participants in any way possible, and helping with the data collection and spreadsheets.

Personal success comes in small bits, like being able to help Tiffany, the wizard, find the answer to her question about Thanksgiving week.  With much encouragement and enthusiasm, the team continues to be generous with their support of this grama’s attempt to stay current in the profession.  You all need extra credit for teaching this old woman, for patience, and for tolerance!  Please let me know how I can be of help.



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