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Reflection and such November 2, 2014

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k12ThunderMountain (1)



Funniest part of my week was walking from

the parking lot into TMHS and having my mind

start to analyze the blocks needed in Minecraft

to recreate the building…

guess I’ve been bitten by the MC bug, eh?





On September 27, 2014, in this blog, I said I could hit any given target!  Well, I was wrong, because this week’s post completely missed the target given.  Not sure how it happened, but will try to make amends now.  Although this is supposed to be my reflection on the Givercraft project, I will briefly respond to the questions targeted:

  1. What have I done this week? Mostly worked on the lit review, met with the group, met with Lee, responded to lots of emails, worked on the group lit review, worked on the handshake meeting, and started a list of things to do differently next time.
  2. How do I feel about my progress? Honestly, as long as I stay away from the game, I feel successful!  During the finalizing of my literature review, my husband said, “Come on, honey, let’s go do something for a change.”  I replied, “Please go away, I am finally feeling successful!”
  3. What do I still need to do? The handshake is my priority for now, then the group literature review, then join the game on Wednesday, and help with the slide show.
  4. How can others help? As far as my helping others, the best thing I can probably do for them is to leave them alone and stay out of there way: do no harm!  Teammates have been promptly responding to my inquiries, and that is the best thing I can ask for.  We decided to not have a teacher packet and a handshake document, so as soon as I finish fine tuning it, Lindsey can work her magic on its appearance.

Now, on to this week’s reflection.  I am still ultra-grateful for the talents and strengths the team has and for the investment of time and resources they have given to the success of the project.  The team continues to amaze me with their skill level and dedication.  I imagine students around the world will use the Givercraft modification for MinecraftEdu in the future.  For the sake of the builders of the Givercraft world, I sure wish there was a “cut and paste” code to facilitate creation of the zones.  The google calendar the registrar created is incredible, what a lot of work.  The website is very polished and professional and makes a big difference in communicating pertinent information to all involved.  The majority of the team is aware of the need for budgeting time spent working on the plan.  I too need to remember to trust the process.


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