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Week Five Reflection October 13, 2014

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My feeling is the themes in this week’s class blogs ranged from aimless to gung-ho.  As commented to one team member, I almost sense an undercurrent of buyer’s remorse: have we made the right choice?  We all have trepidations.  The team is undertaking this endeavor with our eyes wide open but with the safety goggles firmly in place, keeping the welfare of the learner in sight at all times. The project does seem to be nebulous and intangible, but doable just the same.    My hope is we are focusing on one standard in depth, rather than lots of standards in breadth.

Roles seem to be evolving nicely for GiverCraft and we have benefitted from ongoing formative assessment. I trust the process we are using, but I most definitely trust our team members, a group of proven winners in my view. One team member stated:

Each learner walks in with their own set of knowledge, experiences, assumptions, fears, skills, and expectations.  Our role is to facilitate a learning process that accommodates each learner and elevates the group as a whole.

These words are applicable not only to our team of learners, but to the group of learners who may participate in the project.

Granted, this first of its kind collaborative project does involve some risk taking.  Right now it seems like a jigsaw puzzle, we have all the pieces, just need to figure how they fit together to form the big picture. As a team, we are strong.  The sum of the parts of #edgamify is one lean mean thinking machine! As a team we have the knowledge, expertise, AND fortitude to complete the task. We are here to lift each other up to a successful accomplishment.  Is that an oxymoron?


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