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Week One: Reflection October 11, 2014

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After reading the blogs of all classmates in this MOOC, Gamification and Open Education, #edgamify, it seems we have a good working definition of gamification.  We seem to understand that gamification is the current trend in instruction, that it is a tool for learning, and it not a panacea for education.  In general, we feel learning should be fun, and we are all anxious to see our Minecraftedu project’s success, as well as success implementing gamification in our practices.  There seems to be a consistent thread of passion for teaching and learning which flows in the veins of the class.

It was most interesting to read what video games classmates referred to from their childhood/school days.  I still have no video game references in my life.  The option of learning from failure in video games is appealing.  We do learn from our mistakes.  The value gamification places on feedback is very appealing to teachers in this class. Using Minecraft to teach content to ELL students is very appealing.

One article I read on the introduction of technology in learning referred to how educators went through the same thing we are now, only it was with radio and how to use it to engage and motivate learners.  Again, we all know radio was a trend and is one more teaching tool.  My remaining question is how long will the gamification trend last?


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