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Sons and Daughters April 15, 2013

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Photo: It's official. Age 6. Maturity abounds.

Wildwood by Colin Meloy cover.jpg

When we arrive
Sons & daughters
We’ll make our homes on the water
We’ll build our walls aluminum
We’ll fill our mouths with cinnamon now

These currents pull us ‘cross the border
Steady your boats
Arms to shoulder
’till tides will pull
our hull aground
Making this cold harbour now home

Take up your arms
Sons and daughters
We will arise from the bunkers
By land, by sea, by dirigible
We’ll leave our tracks untraceable now


Adjacent to lyrics: Book recommended by six year old grandson on right (abundant maturity does not run in the family). Above caption: fam foto in Portland, OR at Easter.

Because of the sunny weather, it has been very difficult to focus on class work. However, there is still lots of learning going on in grannynannycooks world. Had my first Google hangout tonight!  So, now I have learned to skype and hangout!  Watched the WebEx videos.  Interesting communication tool.  I reckon the  advantage of WebEx is the exchange can be recorded for posterity, an option I’m not sure Google hangout offers.

Kind of getting the hang of Pearl Trees.  It is similar to Diigo, but obviously with a graphic component.  Although it is easier for me to bookmark into pearl trees, not sure I comprehend the organization structure of the orchards yet.  I have little to no structure in Diigo either, but it is more linear than what I am calling the random orchardization of information I’m experiencing in Pearl Trees.

Found lots of good rubric models thanks to a suggestion from Tomas in the March 28 WebEx, so am trying to use the MatSu models he mentioned.  Still fine tuning Assignment 3, but am feeling more comfortable going forth with it.


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  1. annekurland Says:

    Random orchardization! What a fantastic concept. Learn on, Grannynannycook. You are doing great things.

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