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Unplugged April 9, 2013

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Been unplugged for a while, in Tennessee with the Amish.  Always a mind boggler, living with no modern conveniences – NONE.  Similar to camping with a permanent roof overhead, perhaps.  The Amish education process is fascinating.  German is the language of the family.  Children speak only German until they attend school, where they learn to speak English.  Schools, as with all aspects of Amish life, have no electricity. Formal education stops at Grade 8.  No special programs and each child carries a lunch to school.  “Because the Amish lifestyle is a deliberate effort to separate from the world and maintain self sufficiency, they believe that linking their homes to electrical wires would constitute a connection with the world and would violate the Bible’s instruction not to be conformed with the world. This decision protects the Amish community from outside influences which would come from radio, television and the Internet.”

When I did return to the real world in Washington State with brief access to internet, struggled with the Pearltrees on the ipad.  Just found the ipad tutorial today, now that I’m back to a windows machine!  Am sad I missed the WebEx meeting.  Have identified a math standard for project. Need to narrow down an English standard also.  Will probably work solo to not hold anyone back.  Plan to diligently work on rubric as well as pre and post assessment.

Helped a daughter move to Oregon.  Even if there had been WI-FI, neither of us had time to use it! Finally, spent a couple days in Angoon.  Didn’t get to check out the technology at the schools, but the wonderful local folks I spent time with were certainly part of the head down society: cell phones galore and in constant use.


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