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Exploring on the diffimooc Highway February 27, 2013

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To differentiate the process is HOW to teach the content which has been differentiated (first diffimooc module).  Jennipher Willoughby describes it like this: the processes and techniques used to help make sense of a given topic.  Here are her suggestions for developing strategies for differentiating instruction based on process:

  • Provide access to a variety of materials which target different learning preferences and reading abilities.
  • Develop activities that target auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners.
  • Establish stations for inquiry-based, independent learning activities.
  • Create activities that vary in level of complexity and degree of abstract thinking required.
  • Use flexible grouping to group and regroup students based on factors including content, ability, and assessment results.

Specific Ways teachers can differentiate the process are:

  • activity choice boards
  • tiered activities
  • multi-level learning
  • center tasks
  • similar readiness groups,
  • choice in group work,
  • varied journal prompts,
  • mixed readiness groups with targeted roles for students

Some of the above ways to differentiate how we teach (the process) are elaborated in the Annotated List of Differentiation Strategies.  In the wiki assignment, our group incorporated some of the strategies in our group project lessons. Dr. Graham suggested the On Target site which I really like. Over the years, many of these strategies have been added to my personal teaching bag of tricks.  I learned many of them in what was called CRISS (CReating Independence through Student-owned Strategies) when I began teaching in Montana years ago.  Many other wonderful strategies are elaborated upon in Section 3 at this site:  are listed in section three of this journal article: CLASSROOM STRATEGIES AND TOOLS FOR DIFFERENTIATING INSTRUCTION IN THE ESL CLASSROOM

Here is a graphic based on Tomlinson’s (strategies at bottom)work:


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