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Lori’s Learning Log for Module One: Differentiating the Classroom Environment through Technology in the #diffimooc. February 19, 2013

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Thus far, she has learned:

  • What a MOOC is
  • A little bit about tagging and sharing
  • About the following tools for teacher productivity and managing student progress: edmodo, dropbox, evernote, moodle,
  • About the wonderful universe of cloud tools.
  • About the plethora of options for younger students to use ipads for everything educational
  • How To:
    • How to form a group using Google group
    • How to use google reader to read updated shared information
    • How to create and maintain a blog
    • How to create a video (and about reflector)
    • How to tweet and use Tweedeck to track the whole mess
    • How to use livetext for submitting assignments and receiving feedback
    • How to use diigo
    • How to use wikispaces (wikis)
    • How to locate learning style inventory online instruments

Am I able to put all this together to improve instruction and create successful differentiated learning opportunities for students? Yes, with practice.

How I would implement these tools to allow students to self-assess, to set and track goals, to analyze student differences, and to manage formative and summative assessment, have been elaborated on in this wiki page.


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