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The Trough February 4, 2013

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This week, I looked at many sources for tracking and managing differentiated student progress.  My first choice would be to go with what the school already has in place, whatever that be.  In the case of Juneau Schools, it is Power School (PS).  PS has a component called Schoolnet, which I’m not sure JSD uses, but ideally it should.  Among other options, Schoolnet offers: dashboards that track goals; differentiated class lists for intervention; interactive lesson planner; loadable and searchable instructional materials bank. PS is created by Pearson School Systems the creator of Learning Studio which is appealing for the social learning aspect.

Among the other commercial packages available, this standards based grading system looked appealing  For students, this site caught my interest  From the connectivist aspect, Canvas had some attractions.

Other free tools were examined such as wikispaces and wiggio, especially for group work.  Am attempting to learn wikispacesWiggio looks fun and I’ve been thinking all day about other uses for it.  But, am not going to intentionally add anything else to the learning trough for awhile…smiley face smiley face. 


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